Tech Company Websites: Old vs New

Unlike the Space Jam website, most tech company websites are unrecognizable from when they first launched. After Microsoft released a picture of their site from 1994, we wanted to see the websites of other tech giants from back in the day! Using the Wayback Machine you can find older versions of websites as far back as 1996. Jump back into the 90s and see some of the first versions of tech websites on the internet.

Best Of: Twitter for Aspiring Programmers


When I decided to start learning web development, I took a “total immersion” approach. I listened to programming podcasts at the gym, filled my inbox with web development newsletters, and made HackerNews my homepage. Thinkful’s “Best Of” Series aims to help you do the same, by guiding you to resources that will bring you up to speed with the world of web development and inspire you to keep learning.

This week we’re focusing on Twitter. Here’s an awesome list of people to follow as a newcomer to web development.

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Bio: CTO of Flatiron School, Founder of Girl Develop It

Tweets about: women in tech, meetups, learning resources, cats

Michael Hartl, @mhartl

Bio: Author of Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Tweets about: Ruby, various programming languages, Tau Day

Zed Shaw, @lzsthw 

Bio: Writer of Learn Code the Hard Way series including LPTHW

Tweets about: coding tips, learning resources, programming books

Derek Fogge – former student now mentor – talks with Bracha

I really believe in the mission of Thinkful. I’m not sure if you know but I took the FEWD course about a year ago and it completely changed my life! I love that I have the opportunity to give back any way I can.

Kind words from Pedro Yapor, a student in our iOS course.

Kind words from Pedro Yapor, a student in our iOS course.

#ThinkPress - July 2014

People keep on talking about us - check out July’s roundup below!

Coding Bootcamp Scholarships for Women

Our very own Tatiana has been working tirelessly to get the word out about her list of coding bootcamp scholarships specifically geared towards women. At Thinkful, we’re all about encouraging more women to get into coding, and we’re not alone.

Hadiza Mohammad from Women Rock Science wrote

Coding bootcamps are eager to have women apply so that more women can get into the tech field. 

Thinkful’s Bootcamp Spotlight: RefactorU

The Hidden Gem in Colorado that doesn’t teach Ruby

When most bootcamp applicants consider where to apply the seemingly best locations continue to be New York and San Francisco, but they have gravely underestimated the value of Boulder, Colorado. In a study done by Kauffman on High Tech Firms and Job Creation, New York City didn’t even rank in the top 10 metro areas for High-Tech Startup Density and San Francisco shockingly came in at #7. The metro area with the highest tech startup density in the US is Boulder, Colorado. In fact of these top 10 cities, four of them are located in the state of Colorado.

Why does this concern future bootcamp applicants? A higher density for tech startups ultimately leads to a higher demand for junior developers. One of the most commonly asked questions of coding bootcamps is “Will I get a job upon graduation?”. My advice to any future bootcamper asking this question is to apply to RefactorU. Often bootcampers underestimate the importance of location when choosing a bootcamp and because of Boulder’s amazing startup growth the number of developers in demand has shot up accordingly. Sean Daken saw this and founded RefactorU.

Advice from Successful Women in Tech


Without a doubt, entrepreneurship is in on the rise. Startup accelerators (Y Combinator, Techstars, 500 startups), Hackathons, and Meetup group exist for future founders to network and start their companies. Entrepreneurs are now able to back their ventures through social media forums and crowd-funding mechanisms like Kickstarter and Backer. The subset of women in leadership roles represent some of the greatest role models for female founders. Names like Marissa Mayer (Yahoo CEO), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO), Kathryn Minshew (The Muse CEO), Jessica Livingston (YC Partner) and Arianna Huffington demonstrate that women are a growing percentage in the tech world and that women can not only be successful but dominate the tech industry.

But how do you get there? How do you take all those great ideas that are swirling around in your head and make them become a reality? Its not an easy journey, especially for women, so weve gathered some of the greatest advice from female founders from all over the tech arena in hopes of inspiring women to follow their lead and change the world.

The Top 10 Apps for Boosting Your Productivity

In ancient Rome, it was believed that spirits known as Genius would, without rhyme or reason, emerge to spark an individual’s creativity and productivity. Perhaps the Romans could afford to wait around for divine inspiration—they didn’t have to deal with the distractions of 47 notifications, a skype call, and a major deadline while attempting to order Mexican-Thai fusion delivery all in the same hour. Quite simply, in the modern era, proactivity is empowering. Here are our picks for the latest apps to increase your productivity.

The Heavyweights

Record Your Meetings: Evernote

Perhaps the most well-regarded multi-platform note-taker, Evernote lets you create or upload thoughts, meetings, and events, and sync them across your devices. Beyond its super customizable formatting, Evernote has a number of unique functions rolled into one that make it an ideal option for streamlining work processes. Assuming your company allows it, you can use the audio feature to record meetings, incorporate notes, and share them with your colleagues.


Vets in Tech: Resources to Enlist Your Inner Programmer


In the midst of one of the highest unemployment rates for military veterans some amazing organizations and people have found ways to make a difference by helping military veterans succeed in the tech startup world. While history tells us that vets often have a hard time reacclimating into society and finding jobs, there have been many recent success stories of military veterans in tech. Whether you are a veteran looking to find a job, learn to code, or launch a startup there are many companies out there interested in helping you succeed.

#ThinkPress - June 2014

The people, they’re talking all about Thinkful! Check out June’s roundup:

June 2
Stephanie Walden at Mashable on “Why Today’s College Graduates Must Be Self-Sufficient

Stephanie writes

For recent college graduates, the transition to the working world after years of academia can be a shock to the system — and today’s employers expect junior hires to hit the ground running.

Our CEO, Darrell, was interviewed and said that “it’s a misperception that millennials are more demanding of their employers. What’s actually going on is that today’s workers expect to spend their entire lives connected to the job. As a result, they expect something in return.”

June 4
Katelyn Bogucki at HuffPo Code announced our (and the world’s) inaugural Swift course: “Did iOS Development Just Get A lot Simpler?

In addition to the resources that Apple has provided, Thinkful, an on-line learning platform, launched a landing page for “The world’s first Swift course” on Monday night. 

Like any tech company, our entire team tuned in to watch the live stream of Apple’s WWDC conference in San Francisco. Unlike most tech companies, we launched a course in Swift, the new programming language that Apple announced at the conference, in just a few hours following the news. It was a huge day for us as we were the very first to announce classes in the new language!

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