1. What are mentor sessions like?
    The question comes up all the time from our prospective students, most recently when we participated in the Hour of Code movement. We’ve toyed around with the idea of recording mentoring sessions but have had difficulty coming up with an exact model. Luckily, Devon Campbell reached out to us with a brilliant idea to highlight the true value of mentorship. 

    Meet the Mentor & Mentee!
    Devon Campbell: Knoxville, TN | Portfolio | Github | Twitter
    Joe Turner: Leicester, London | PortfolioGithub | Twitter 

    Devon graduated from our Front-End course about 5 months ago and was featured in our first ever student profile! He wanted to advance his self-taught back-end skills by enrolling in our first ever Python course. We paired him up with our beloved Brit Joe Turner to reach his goals. It sounds like they’ve clicked immediately, even with the accent differences, ha!

    Episode Summary
    In the pilot episode, Devon & Joe begin by introducing each other and the project. They lay the groundwork for a new RESTful API to enhance the existing app. You’ll also hear a discussion of when to use jQuery vs JavaScript and an update on their side projects. For topic timestamps, read the video description on Vimeo. Enjoy!

    Devon’s preview of episode 2:
    In the next Flaskcast, we’ll modify the app to use the API to access data rather than pulling it directly from the database. Laugh as we struggle to make the app work properly in the most public way possible… on a podcast!

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